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Miss me not

April 2010

Fashionable technology

Interactive bag that helps women receive phone calls even when their mobile is inside their bag and surrounding noises blend out the ringtone.

Incoming calls trigger a combination of alerts, based on physical and external conditions; these are composed according to the profile setting, the level of shaking and the brightness of light in the environment. The output consists of light, vibration and/or sound in different parts of the accessory.

The system relies on a wireless Bluetooth connection that communicates the bag with the mobile phone. Through a defined gesture language, users can put the caller "on hold" and cease alerts.

Team: Rogier Kauw-A-Tjoe, Judit Pinzón, Sofía Vásquez-Mellado, Esma Celik, Stephanie Zong, Francesca Paolin, Zhang Kaixim.